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No Overseas Orders Until Further Notice

Due to the on going problems at Royal Mail as a result of the recent Cyber attack I will not be accepting overseas orders until further notice.

***Postage Increase***

Due to Royal Mail raising their postage costs significantly I have had no choice but to pass some of it on into my shipping costs.



Cosmic Jazz Radio Show - Polish Jazz August 2020

It was excellent news that Cosmic Jazz returned to the airwaves in mid August. Even better that tracks from the O.N.E. Quintet, New Bone, Jerzy Malek and Wojciech Jachna Squad were featured. Check out all four CD's at Steve's Jazz Sounds - quality.

Polish Jazz Blogspot Album of the Month available at Steve's Jazz Sounds

Check out the brilliant new release form the Kasia Pietrzko Trio at Steve's Jazz Sounds - Highly Recommended

Wojciech Jachna Squad - Live

Great video of the band live playing tracks from their CD "Elements"

**Franciszek Pospieszalski Trio CD - Accumulated Thoughts In Stock **

An obscure gem of a piano trio CD release that is available now at Steve's Jazz Sounds. Check out the soundclips and I'm sure you'll agree.

**Jerzy Malek CD Black Sheep In Stock**

Great to be able to offer through Steve's Jazz Sounds the wonderful new release from Jerzy Malek. Highly recommended.

**Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat CD Jazz Dia Zwierzat Back In Stock**

Quality CD that proved very popular last time I had it in stock.

Pawel Kaczmarczyk - Deconstruction Back In Stock

Great to have this CD back in stock. For me one of the CD's of the year so far.

Slawek Jaskulke Trio - On

Not to be missed - excellent Polish jazz piano trio

Back In Stock City Album - Michal Wroblewski Trio

This title has sold out twice don't miss out on this excellent piano trio CD from Poland.

Michal Tokaj Trio - The Sign

Great news to have some new recorded material from Michal Tokaj (his Bird Alone CD from 2005 is immensely sought after) - check out the excellent new release at Steve's Jazz Sounds

***J B Hadrot Trio - Half Stor[e]y

The wonderful new CD from JBH3 is in stock and available now - stunning - not to be missed.

***Connective Records***

I've recently added 11 titles from this excellent Malmo based label owned by Fredrik Kronkvist. Each one is a joy and would grace any jazz fans CD player.

**3rd World Electric - Kilimanjaro Secret Brew**

Latest addition to the site is the rather excellent "Kilimanjaro Secret Brew" by 3rd World Electric. Third World Electric are Jonas Reingold (fender & warmoth basses), Dave Weckl (drums), Zoltan Csorsz (drums), Karl Martin Almqvist (tenor & soprano saxophones), Roine Stolt (guitars & keyboards), Ayi Solomon (congas & percussion) and Lalle Larsson (piano, rhodes & synth.) Wonderful.

**Trichotomy - Gentle War - Available Now**

The new CD from Trichotomy is in stock and available now.

***Peter Hum - A Boy's Journey***

Top class contemporary jazz from the Peter Hum Quintet - featuring Peter Hum (piano, electric piano); Kenji Omae (tenor sax); Nathan Cepelinski (alto, soprano saxophones); Alec Walkington (bass) and Ted Warren (drums

***Michael Benita - Ethics***

Wonderful CD that features Michel Benita (double bass & programming); Mieko Miyazaki (koto & vocals); Eivind Aarset (guitars & electronics); Matthieu Michel (trumpet & flugelhorn) and Philippe Garcia (drums & sampler.)

***Orjan Hulten Orion - Radio In My Head***

A quality set that is primarily a quartet album with Orjan playing soprano and tenor saxophone, Adam Forkelid acoustic piano, Filip Augustson double bass and Peter Danemo the drums.

***Joakim Milder - Takeaway***

Excellent CD that features Peter Danemo (drums), Christian Spering (bass), Mattias Stahl (vibes), Mattias Torell (guitar), Alberto Pinton (woodwinds & baritone sax), Joakim Milder (tenor sax), Karin Hammar (trombone), And Emil Strandberg and Peter Asplund (trumpet and flugelhorn.)

***Oleg Kireyev/Keith Javors - Rhyme & Reason***

Latest addition to the store is this rather tasty east meets west jazz collaboration. Features Oleg Kieryev (tenor saxophone);Keith Javors (piano); Boris Koslov (bass) and E.J. Strickland (drums.)

***Andreas Gidlund Quartet - Made In Goteborg***

Latest addition to the site is this awesome slab of Swedish Jazz that features Andreas Gidlund - saxophones, Fabian Kallerdahl - piano, Mattias Gronroos - double bass and Lars Kailfelt -drums. Check out the Coltrane influences on the track "The Gem" wonderful.

Andreas Gidlund Quartet - Press Play Please

Another gem of a CD from this very impressive Swedish quartet - released on the Imogena label in 2007 a quality CD throughout, this session see's Fabian Kallerdahl on the fender rhodes as well as piano.

***Lugasz Lagocki - Crossroads***

Stunning new jazz CD from Poland featuring Yeal Acher (flute), Olo Walicki (bass), Henryk Gembalski (violin), Henryk Stanoszek (drums) and Lukasz Lagocki (piano, fender rhodes.) Check out "Skeppsbron", "Clyde Road" and "Tongass Avenue" - Highly recommended.

Alain Vankenhove- "Beyond Mountains"

Top class contemporary european jazz CD, with hints Miles Davis during his "In A Silent Way/Bitches Brew" period, released on the excellent French indie label Yolk. Features Alain Vankenhove (trumpet, flugelhorn); Benjamin Moussay (keyboards, laptop); Jean-Luc Lehr (bass, effects) and Eric Echampard (drums.) Highly recommended.

Ondrej Kabrna Trio: -

An excellent Jazz CD from the Czech republic featuring Ondrej Kabrna on piano and fender rhodes, Jakub Artl on double bass and Lukas Pavlik on drums. Check out the Esbjorn Svensson Trio influences in tracks like "Terminator's New Day" and "Hallo Mr James" (dedicated to Pat Metheny) alongside other quality cuts like "Ballad Of A Winter Night", "Timeways" and "Knightsong."

Not to be missed!

***The Core - Party***

New CD from The Core "Party" now available and rather splendid it is too..

**Not To Be Missed Radio Show**

Cambridge City Radio

Jazz Vibes
9.00pm-10.00pm UK time
Special Guest 29.9.10
Matthew Halsall (Gondwana Records)
A Jazz mix for September 2010

Optical Substance - Adaptation

If you like Bugge Wesseltoft; Nils Petter Molvaer or the Studnitzky Trio check out this wonderful, obscure gem of a CD from Norway.

Loud Jazz Band - The Silence - Now Available

Don't miss the latest release from the wonderful Loud Jazz Band.

***Peter Danemo - Baraban***

A wonderful and fast becoming very hard to source CD that features Inge Petersson (tenor saxophone), Esbjorn Svensson (piano, keyboards), Klavs Hovman (bass) and Peter Danemo (drums.) Includes 2 compositions from Esbjorn Svensson ("The Soulful Tree" and "Medieval Wind") that to my knowledge do not appear on any of the CD's recorded by the legendary Esbjorn Svensson Trio. Highly Recommended.

**Tubis Trio - Live In Luxumburg**

Quite a buzz building on this CD since the track "Jest Jak Jest" was featured on Mike Chadwick's excellent "Cutting Edge" radio show on Jazz FM. Give the sound-clips a listen you will not be disappointed.

****Tingvall Trio****

Just added the three CD's by the Tingvall Trio - all are highly recommended.



Studnitzky Trio -Egis

New Studnitzky Trio CD available now. Highly recommended.
Also if you get a chance check out the Jacob Karlzon CD "Heat" and Pawel Kaczmarczyk CD "Complexity In Simplicity" two excellent releases from last year that featured in the Cutting Edge's best of 2009 show on 3rd January.

Dana Hall - Into The Light

Check out this great new release from the Seattle based Origin label. Features Dana Hall on drums alongside Terell Stafford on trumpet, Tim Warfield Jr on saxophone, Bruce Barth on piano & fender rhodes and Rodney Whitaker on bass. Highly recommended.

Piotr Wylezol - Children's Episodes

Wonderful new release from this talented polish trio making their debut on the Fresh Sound New Talent label. If you have their earlier releases "Yearning" and "Piano Trio" you'll know how good they are, if not check them out on the site as well.

***Dziki Jazz***

Check out this great release if the Contemporary Noise Quintet/Sextet and Sing Sing Penelope/Ecstacy Project Trio are your thing. Highly Recommended.

AMC Trio - ThorIza - Back In Stock

Dont miss out on the excellent debut CD from this Slovakian trio. Also check out their Soul Of The Mountain release featuring Ulf Wakenius.

The Cutting Edge Playlist 4th October 2009

Katia Labeque - Exit Music - Shape of my Heart
Stefano Bollani - Joker in the Village - Stone in the Water
Michael Olatuja - Mama Ola - Speak
Tom Bancroft Orchestyro Interrupto - Toxic Beaming Happiness - The Ballad of Linda & Crawford
Mike Walker - Dad Logic - Madhouse& the Whole Thing There
**Jonas Kullhammer Quartet - Hitman - Son of a Drummer
Bedrock - Duke Countdown - Plastic Temptation
Denis Colin & La Societe des Aprenteurs - Yes, etAutres Yes - Subject to Change
**Wolfgang Haffner - Nichtsong - Round Silence
**Max.Bab - Wapa - Going Home
Steve Weingart - Outside In pt I & II - Dark Blue Dream
Donny McCaslin - Declaration - T.T.
**Kullrusk - Herkules - Spring Spring

** available from Steve's Jazz Sounds

New Links Added

Just added a link to a You Tube video of Matt Halsall playing "Colour Yes" from his forthcoming album- Awesome - check it out. Other links include performances by Jacob Karlzon, Peter Asplund, Helge Lien Trio and the Open Trio.

Matthew Halsall - Colour Yes Video

Just added a link to a You Tube video of Matt Halsall playing "Colour Yes" from his forthcoming album- Awesome - check it out.

New Link Added

Just added a link to the "Band On The Wall" venue. Some great acts lined up over the next couple of months - check out their site for details.

Max.Bab and Benedikt Jahnel CD's added to site

Quite a buzz around the german quartet Max.Bab at the moment due to their recent release on ACT records. Check out their earlier obscure releases and their pianist Benedikt Jahnel with Das Kactus 6tett. All highly recommended

****New Titles Added July 2009****

Check out the new additions to the site from Jonas Kulhammar's excellent independent Swedish jazz label Moserobie. More titles will follow over the next few months.

****Nica Group - Lounge CD Back In Stock****

This wonderful CD is back in stock. Check it out you will not be disappointed.

***More New Titles - June 2009***

Check out the new additions from Scandinavia - including new releases from Jacob Karlzon, Solid, Jazzmob and Thr Kare Kolve Quartet.

****New Titles Added June 2009****

Loads of new titles added including new releases from Oleg Kireyev, Nicolas Thys, Anders Aarum Trio, AMC Trio with Ulf Wakenius and Oskar Rozsa Sextet. Enjoy.

Reinis Zarins Quartet - Tales From Kaupinga

Superb contemporary jazz CD from Sweden that has been featured quite heavily on Mike Chadwick's "Cutting Edge" radio show over the past few weeks. Back in stock though in limited numbers - don't miss this one!!

***New Jazz Titles Added***

Check out the new titles added to the site from Sounds Of Eternity, Reinis Zarins, Ove Ingemarsson, Peter Nylander and Robert Nordmark - excellent jazz from Sweden.

** Album Of The Month - March 2009 **

The selection for March 2009 is the excellent new release from the Contemporary Noise Sextet - "Unaffected Thought Flow" - available until the end of March at the specially discounted price of £12.50

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