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CD Album : 13.99

This set was recorded September 7th to the 10th 1992 at the Szczecin Radio Studios and features: - Mikolaj Trzaska - alto and soprano saxaphones Leslaw Mozdzer - piano Ryszard T. Tymanski - bass (and leader) Jacek Olter - drums, percussion Particular favourites for me are "Luke The Skywalker"; "Saints Of The Latter Days"; "Coltrane" and "Dr. King."

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Label: Gowi
Release Number: CDG06

Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 Luke The Skywalker listen
2 Saints Of The Latter Days listen
3 Bluesin' For Lennie Tristano listen
4 Moj Tata To Bodhisattva listen
5 Dr King listen
6 Zawodowe Mie Czaki listen
7 Coltrane listen
8 The Impossible listen
9 Swedzenie Plazmy/Zywica listen