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The Conversations By Kostov Panta Konrad

The Conversations

CD Album : 16.49

Konstantin Kostov (piano), Pawel Panta (double bass) and Cezar Konrad (drums)

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Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 The Conversation I listen
2 Adagio In G-Minor listen
3 Preludium C-Moll Op.28 listen
4 Dizzy Con Carne Roots listen
5 Drums Monolog listen
6 Preludium Nr 9 listen
7 The Conversation II listen
8 I Got Rhythm listen
9 The Conversation III listen
10 Piano Monolog II listen
11 Consolation listen
12 Piano Monolog I listen
13 Evidence listen
14 The Conversation IV listen
15 Recado Bossa Nova listen