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Complexity In Simpliity By Pawel Kaczmarczyk

Complexity In Simpliity

CD Album : 15.99

One of the highlights of 2009 for me and features in the Cutting Edge's best of 2009. It's Pawel Kaczmarczyk and therefore brilliant - every home should have one. A stellar line up of Polish jazz talent feature on this CD alongside Pawel - Radek Mowicki (soprano and tenor saxophone); Tomasz Grzegorski (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet); Grzech Piotrowski (soprano saxophone); Lukasz Poprawski (alto saxophone); Jerzy Malek (trumpet); Rafal Sarnecki (guitar); Wojciech Pulcyn (double bass); Michal Baranski (double bass) Lukasz Zyta (drums); Pawel Dobrowolski (drums) and Bogusz Wekka (percussions.)

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Label: ACT
Release Number: 9484-2

Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 Logan-Prologue listen
2 Logan listen
3 Blue Eyes listen
4 Fauchery listen
5 Homage To Freddie listen
6 Elegy For ES listen
7 Complexity In Simplicity listen
8 Catch More Chicks listen
9 Adorable Little Rose listen
10 Samara listen
11 Fauchery-Resumption listen